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How to Apply

  • It is important to know how to create a skin care routine, how to apply the different types of skin care products and in what order to apply them.
  • This is essential in order to maintain a youthful, glowing and radiant skin.

1. Cleansing:

It is really important to cleanse your skin because that removes any make up, debris or dirt that may be settled into the skin that can actually cause further damage to the skin itself.

It is also important to remove those impurities because this will also make the products that you will apply later work better. It will help them penetrate even deeper and really deliver those ingredients where you need them to.

It is strongly recommended to cleanse the face in the morning and at night to remove all the debris and sebum that accumulate on the skin during sleep and through out the day, minimize the pores and restart with a fresh clean skin.

Wash your face with warm water then apply a gentle cleanser and rub it thoroughly into the skin for at least 30 seconds. Let the cleanser saponificate the skin's sebum and oils and neutralize the acids and free radicals. Wash your face with warm water. Then apply your skin exfoliator scrub to remove the dead skin layers and resurface the skin.


2. Prepping and Toning:

The goal of a toner is to tighten the skin, minimize the pores and reset the PH of the skin. High end toners are also designed to provide with essential skin nutrients, anti-oxidants and vitamins. Toners create a base to ease the spread and penetration of the serums and moisturizers we will apply next.

Make sure to apply the toner to the neck and decollete area to help with the application and spread of skin care products to these areas. Most people forget to apply skin care to these areas and end up with young facial skin but aging neck and Decollete skin.

A mist toner is easy to use. You just spray it on the face and neck and then massage it into the skin with your fingers or a cotton pad.

The beauty of good quality toners is that they are formulated with ingredients and essential oils that help to tighten the pores, detoxify the skin and give you a clean fresh start.


3. Treating with Serums:

Serums consistency is usually between a water and a moisturizer.

Serums are great for delivering a lot of potent actives. Think of serums generally like the muscle behind your skin care routine. They tend to bring a lot of active ingredients that bring great change to the skin. It also provides with some degree of moisture.

It is easy to apply a serum. Apply 2-3 drops on the face or on your fingertips and gently massage it into your skin. You can apply as many serums as you want based on your skin needs. However, if you are applying, for example, 3 or 4 serums, then use 1 drop of each serum instead of 2-3 drops of each.

What you will notice is that when you apply a toner underneath the serum, the serum tends to set into the skin quickly and sink in beautifully.


4. Applying Eye Cream:

One of the most important areas of the face and one to never neglect is the eye area. It is really important to incorporate an eye cream into your daily routine because it is one of the first areas of the skin to show signs of aging.

Eye creams are usually dense creams that leave a lot of moisture. It is formulated with a lot of anti-aging ingredients that are going to help firm and tone the eye area.

Apply the eye cream after applying the serum and before applying the facial moisturizer for it to have a direct effect on the eye area.

Apply a pearl size amount of the eye cream on your finger and rub it with the opposite finger of your other hand to split the amount between the two fingers. Massage the cream all around the eye area including the eyebrows area. You want to be as delicate as possible when you massage the eye cream into the eye area.


5. Applying Moisturizer:

By now many people think that they already have a lot of moisturizer on their skin from the previous steps. But a moisturizer is important to incorporate into your skin routine, especially if you have dry skin, because moisturizers are designed to give the skin the hydration it needs throughout the day and night.

You want to find a moisturizer that feels comfortable on your skin and is non-comedogenic.

The beauty about good quality moisturizers is that they provide the skin with essential ingredients and nutrition throughout the day.

You can use a pearl size amount or more depending on how dry your skin is feeling that day. Always listen to your skin and always try to figure out what your skin needs any time you are applying skin care products.

You can always mist more toner to your face, neck and decollete to help spread and massage the moisturizer into your skin.


6. Applying SPF:

No skin care routine will be complete without a SPF. It is considered by many experts the most important step of your skin care routine. It is important to protect the skin from the surrounding environment.

Apply the SPF as the last step of your skin care routine and prior to applying makeup.

This will create a beautiful barrier between your skin care and your makeup and seal in all the ingredients and benefits of the skin care that you applied and protect it from the makeup that you are going to apply later, a lot like what a primer will do.


7. Healthy Habits

Going through the above steps seems like a lot but it’s all about building a skin care routine that works best for you and it becomes very simple once it becomes a daily a habit.

Make sure to apply regularly. The secret behind permanently youthful skin is regular daily skin care and avoiding chemicals that give you instant skin plumping but destroy and harm the skin’s DNA and structures overtime, the same as repetitive exposure to sun does, it may give you an instant tan and glow but damages the skin and the cells DNA. Celebrities and skin care specialists who have never aging skin will tell you it’s all about having a healthy routine and regular skin care.

Last but not least, one of the most important aspects of healthy skin, which cannot be stressed enough, is good sleep and reduced stress.