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Avoiding Chemicals and Toxins

  • Studies have shown that we actually acquire more toxins through skin absorption and inhalation than through the foods we eat.
  • Our skin is the largest organ in the body and has a substantial surface through which toxic and synthetic chemicals can pass straight through and enter the bloodstream. That's why skin care products should be as pure and organic as possible.
  • Synthetic ingredients, on the other hand, usually require toxic or carcinogenic catalysts or reactive agents in their manufacturing process posing further harm to the human's body.

  • Because our DNA has evolved over millions of years, every cell in our bodies is programmed to respond to the natural phyto-chemicals, nutrients and vitamins found in the real plants we evolved alongside. On the other hand, the skin cells, layers and DNA often cannot tolerate the long term damaging effects of unnatural synthetic chemicals which causes long term skin damage and premature aging.
  • Many of the epidemic health problems that we face today are linked to synthetic chemical ingredients in our skin care and in our food. Science continues to regularly discover damaging effects of the synthetic chemicals used in skin care. These synthetic chemicals are usually used to give immediate short term visible effects but subjects the skin to harmful effects over time.